Yoga Studios Nearby

All this talk about yoga.. acro yoga... every kind of yoga... Makes you wonder where we go to do it huh? Well wonder no longer. Below you can find a list of studios who's lessons we have found helpful and amazing!

Acro Yoga

Yama Fit Studio in Edwardsburg Michigan has a great selection of classes. Find the schedule at

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga classes can be taken with Adrian White, from The River Collective, in St. Joseph Michigan

Aerial Yoga

The collective in Benton Harbor has fantastic Aerial Yoga classes. Or if you are located closer to Niles Michigan, you can get an even more expansive Aerial experience, with silks, hammocks & hoops from April Kelly at Go Aerial Fitness.

 Goat Yoga

Yep. Its a thing! You can get downward dog and dirty with some cute little critters at Hidden Acres Farms. This is seasonal of course, so save this for your summer adventures. 

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