Why Yoga?

A few years ago, I would have made fun of people who did yoga. Today, much has changed, and now I am that person who annoys their friends by stopping to do yoga everywhere. Acro yoga, SUP yoga, Beach Yoga, Hot yoga... I have always been active and fit, but to me, yoga was just "stretching." And stretching was a thing that I only managed to do occasionally before a hard workout. So now, people ask me, "what happened? Why yoga?" 

All my favorite things + Yoga

When it comes to learning new skills or trying fun activities, I have a somewhat unique problem... I want to do ALL THE THINGS. I find it very hard to limit myself to just one of my favorite activities. When I discovered and fell in love with yoga, I was...

Fitness Blog Feature

"They have striking designs that will stop people in their tracks (This happens to me all the time.) The first time I wore a pair of the Jade Queen leggings to my yoga class, the instructor jokingly refused to start class until I gave her all the information and told her where to find a pair for herself. She was my first customer. Once her pair arrived, she claims that she wore them for 3 days straight, and even though she has been doing yoga for years, has never found a pair their equal.  Her particular favorite feature of the Tribal Leggings was the wick fabric that kept the pants smelling totally fresh, even after 3 days of wear. "

Yoga Fest!

If you are looking for your favorite pair of yoga pants in your size on our site, and it happens to be out of stock, don't worry! We have more on the way already. Thanks to our awesome yoga community, we did even better at the Annual Karma Yoga Fesival than anticipated! We...

Getting Ready for Yoga Fest!

After a long period of wait time, and lots of newly acquired patience, Uniquely Yoga is FINALLY HERE! Come see these killer leggings in person at the 5th annual YOGA FEST, at Silver Beach, in St. Joe Michigan.  We will be starting the day out with SUP yoga, followed by an Acro...