Yoga & Emotional Detox

Last week I told you that I was starting a detox journey. This week, that journey is leading me through the concepts of what I will call "emotional detox." When I say those words, I am sure you can all come up with your own working definition, but for now, lets focus on it being the idea of watching what goes in and out of your mind, as well as your body. As any good mentor or motivational speaker will tell you, what goes in to your mind matters!

How Detox & Yoga Go Hand in Hand

How Detox & Yoga Go Hand in Hand
Yoga is cited by many as one of the best ways to detox & destress. Some poses are better than for detox than others, and throughout my journey, I plan to explore all of the poses, and find out which ones make a lasting difference in my health & stress levels.

How to Get Your Man to Try Yoga

How to Get Your Man to Try Yoga
If you have done yoga for any period of time, you have probably at some point faced the challenge that many women face today: getting your guy to try it with you! Yoga is fun. It builds strength of body and character, and on the list of best couples activities, it can be right up there at the top. But let's face it, getting any guy to settle for an hour of yoga rather than an hour of sweating it out at the gym with his buddies can be tough! As far as boyfriends go, I consider myself one of the lucky few who didn't  have to try at all. My guy enjoys fitness of any sort, and having spent many years competing on the ballroom dance circuit already, there were no "Yoga isn't Manly Enough" complexes to overcome. I'm pretty sure the first time I thought of inviting him, all I had to do was say "Hey! Want to come to yoga with me?" And that was that.  To be fair, I my yoga days didn't begin on the ground. My very first exposure to yoga was through acro, and when I asked him to join me for acrobatic yoga, I might as well have said "Hey, want to be super manly and strong and lift me over your head and stuff?" Cause i'm pretty sure that is what he heard. And let's face it, what guy wouldn't be down for that?  However, If you face the tougher challenge of wanting your man to come to a regular yoga class, there are many methods to breaking down the barriers. 

Following Your Bliss to the Life of Your Dreams

Following Your Bliss to the Life of Your Dreams
  A little over two years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor was discovered by an onset of horrendous migraines, partial paralysis of my left shoulder and arm, as well as paralyzed vocal cords, and the inability to swallow food or water without it coming out of my nose. I had always identified myself as a strong and active person, and the loss of that identity shook me to the core. For a while, I gave up on physical activity, because it felt like, "what is the point of working out and getting fit if I am going to wither up and die young no matter what I do?" The full roller coaster ride of my life after brain tumor is a story for another day. However, today's story started with a YouTube video that my dear friend Misty, who later became my yoga instructor, showed me shortly after my diagnosis. This video featured a couple known on Instagram as Yoga Beyond, and it was my very first introduction to yoga of any kind. I fell in love with Claudine & Honza's AcroYoga flow instantly, and decided that pain or no pain, I was going to be able to do those moves by the end of the year... ... And today, I am so thrilled to report that my acro yoga heroes were generous enough to grant me an interview and share their wisdom on dreaming big and making those dreams a reality. 

The Top 10 Over-Used Yoga Poses on Instagram.

Have you ever seen something crazy hard and amazing so many times that it becomes commonplace? Welcome to the world of Instagram...Enjoy as you laugh your way through the top over used yoga poses on Instagram.

Yoga Fashion Then and Now...

Yoga styles have changed a lot since the beginning of the art...mostly for the better I think. I decided to go back in time and do a little research on it to see if my theory was correct...

How Stress Affects Your Body... and what Yoga can do about it

I have had some major health issues in my (not that long) lifetime. And over the past few months in a job environment that was growing increasingly tumultuous, I started to notice that I would have a pounding headache on Friday that would begin to lift the second that I walked out of the building. Then, over the weekend, I would get to the point that my body would feel almost perfect again. But come Monday morning, all of my symptoms would hit me like a lead balloon. Now I'm no doctor, but I can come to the conclusion that real symptoms don't come and go quite that regularly. (Now personally, I decided to solve that problem by quitting my job and going into freelance.) But since that may not be an option for everybody, I thought I would share one of the other great de-stressors in my life. Yoga...

So i took a Hot Yoga class...

To be fair, the name DOES warn you. So I did not go into this class expecting roses and sunshine. But I guess I expected it to be more like a hard core, noisy, sweaty workout class. I was right about the sweaty part, and not much else. When I first walked in, I was greeted by a "silence past this point" sign. Well my mouth obeyed, but in my head it sounded something like this...

The top 5 Reasons that every Yogi should take a Barre class at least once!

Today I managed to drag my butt out of bed early for once, and make my way downtown to a cute little studio called Lori Harris Fitness. I had heard good things about her Barre your Soul class, and today it was time to shake off the rust and try it for myself... Well I survived the Barre class, lived to tell about it, and thought i should start with the top 5 reasons that all you fellow yogis need to try it too!