Yin Yoga - Mind Over Body

Temptation Leggings Backbend

Tonight I am going to take a yin yoga class.It is really about the last thing I want to do right now, because yin requires that you hold each pose for several minutes, and I feel very very restless at the moment. The thought of holding still so long seems more daunting than a butt kicking workout. Which is exactly why I am going!

Often in yin my mind tries to convince me that I absolutely need to move now. But when i think through it for a second, I realize that the pose doesn't even hurt. Mostly it is just a little uncomfortable. Its funny how even the slightest discomfort triggers movement. But when we can learn to lean into that discomfort, not only do we become mentally stronger, but we begin to see some major body changes as well!

I have struggled with knee and hip twinges for the last few years, and I think at some point I just accepted it as part of life. However, once I started taking yin classes in addition to my favorite flowing & hot yoga classes, I began to see a difference in those old injuries. Truly, it was the absence of them that I actually noticed. One day I swung up on my horse and my hip didn't yell at me like it usually does. I put two and two together, and you can bet I will be going to many more yin classes in the future. Including tonight. And I will overcome those fidgets, and grow in mind as well as body!

Here is a great article on the reasons why you should try yin as well. I'll see you on the mat! 







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