How Detox & Yoga Go Hand in Hand
Shoulder Stand_Jade Queen

If you are like me, then sometime in your life, you have tried some sort of detox. Maybe lots of sorts of detox. Some have worked, some haven't. Some may have helped for a short while, but perhaps only a few have had lasting results on your body and your overall health.

I am starting a journey to work my way through detoxifying my body, not only by adding healthy supplements, and eliminating problem causing foods & chemicals, but also by trying specific types of exercise.

Yoga is cited by many as one of the best ways to detox & destress. Some poses are better than for detox than others, and throughout my journey, I plan to explore all of the poses, and find out which ones make a lasting difference in my health & stress levels.

Feel free to come along for the ride!

This article has some great poses included, and I intend to try them all this week!



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