The Top 10 Over-Used Yoga Poses on Instagram.

Have you ever seen something crazy hard and amazing so many times that it becomes commonplace? Welcome to the world of Instagram. We've all been there... scrolling through posts, and the first time you see some insane Cirque de Soleil-esque yoga pose you think "WOW!" That person is so talented, that is awe inspiring! I must try to master this someday. And then a few posts down you see the same pose again... and again... and again. Suddenly the shocked amazement withers into something resembling annoyance, and the once incredible pose (which I'm sure is still very difficult) suddenly appears normal and easy. Now instead of dreaming of holding that pose yourself someday, you are beating yourself up about the fact that you can't ALREADY do that pose. What kind of wimpy yogi are you?? Whether this is a real problem for you or not, I have decided to amuse myself today by publishing a list of the top over-repeated poses floating around the internet today. 

(disclaimer....these are counted by their hashtags. I have seen many many more that aren't labeled so easily, but since I don't have a year to re-scroll though my instagram feed, the number of hashtags is what we will judge by)

Number 10 - #InvertedStaffPose - 3,788.

Sometimes with one leg, sometimes with two, I'm sure you have seen this pose more than once in your Instagram lifetime. 


Number 9 - #standingsplit 

With 11,000 tagged posts, and tons more floating about, I can assure you that this pose has shown up on my news feed more than once. 



Number 8 #peacockpose - 14,937

This pose is easier than it looks. Even I can squeek it out on occasion. But I will give major props to the one hander, and the old guy using a bench. If I tried that it would end in a bloody face and a broken nose! 


Number 7. #fireflypose-15,727

If you choose to try this at home, be aware that it may result in soundly bruised glutes and tailbone. More impressive than the photos are the seemingly endless videos of Yogis doing the press from firefly to handstand. It seems impossible. But I guess if EVERYBODY DOES IT... then maybe someday I can too. (It is important to note here that Instagram will give you a severely warped impression of the definition of "everybody")



Number 6. #scorpion - 37,391

I see this one all the time! (I'm pretty sure that it is being undersold in the 6th position, simply because it is often labeled as a handstand, forearm stand, or just an inversion. Also harder than it looks... but thanks to the flood on my newsfeed, I really feel that I should easily be doing this by now. lol) These are apparently the best looking when taken out in nature, or when jazzed up with a prop. (books or computers recommended) To REALLY take it to the next level, please include both books AND nature (see top left for shining example.)


Number 5 #dancerpose - 53,000

This pose is apparently most effective when photographed at sunset. (on a side note, I cannot make too much fun of that fact, since I am one of the guilty parties here.) 


Number 4 #forearmstand - 110,140

Jumping into the 6 digits of hashtags, This one is tough. (just kidding. It's only tough for me. Apparently Everyone Else in the World can do it like nothing) See above for definition of everyone. And doing it on a paddleboard? Yeah I tried that too.. And I ended up in the drink.

Number 3 #crowpose 

116,000 posts. With multiple fun variations, and the reputation for actually being much more attainable than it appears, its no wonder that the Crow pose is number 3 on the list. For the most authentic photo possible, use a fence, rock or fallen log. This will help you truly feel like the creature that you mimic. (At least I assume that is the case. Why else would everybody do so?)


Number 2 #headstand - 512,000

Because even the overly headstand posting yogis are not completely immune to the over posting of headstands problem, you will find them doing their best to vary the look of the headstand in any way they can think of. The most recent phase is including the Eagle Leg twist. Despite seeing this repeatedly, I still find myself impressed, simply because I can't rest on the top of my noggin for more than 2 seconds without acquiring a whopping headache. And really, the excessive use of this pose prepares me for real life. Thanks to Instagram, the next time I see someone planted head first in a field, I'm probably not even going to do a double take. I won't panic and I won't call 911. I will simply give them a thumbs up, and continue calmly on my way. 



And the top most over-posted pose on instagram is the #handstand - cracking a million, with a whopping 1,540,920 posts.

I gotta hand it to them... The one handers can still impress me a little, despite the insane amount of posts. The high level of competition keeps them trying to one-up each other, much to my viewing delight. I mean, you haven't really lived until you have seen a guy doing a handstand on a truck while it tips over... or on a camel.. or a horse. But it is all a matter of perspective, because let's face it... Once you have seen the guy on the top right, is the girl on the left even a LITTLE impressive? Suddenly i'm feeling very remorseful over my lack of a basic handstand. Sigh.. Ah well. 



Hopefully this post doesn't ruin your enjoyment of yoga feeds via Instagram. (You know, like when someone points out that your best friend from college chews like a cow... and even though you never noticed it before,  suddenly its all you can hear, and you can never eat with them again.) Yeah. Hopefully it wasn't like that. Keep on dreaming. Keep on posting. But for heavens sake... please...come up with a new pose once in awhile. :)



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Zach White

Zach White

Guilty! I wish I could do all those poses… and even this week my yoga instructor was reminding us that instagram insanity isn’t what real yoga is all about :) Thanks for the great post!

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