Yoga styles have changed a lot since the beginning of the art...mostly for the better I think. I decided to go back in time and do a little research on it to see if my theory was correct. 

Lets start with this guy for example...


He is wearing a traditional Dhoti... which was nothing more that a simple piece of cloth that you apparently just kept tying and retying until it was safe to assume poses like the one featured above without being cited for public indecency. I hear they were very comfy...? In fact, some yoga companies still sell a modern version of this...

...which I'm sorry to report though still apparently quite comfy, looks way too much like an over full saggy diaper for my taste!

Along came the modernized 1800's, and us women were working out in the height of fashion..

Granted... this doesn't really count as yoga. But i'm pretty sure sears and Robucks would sell you the dress, the machine AND the workout manual all for the exorbitant price of $2.95 (that might be the only perk to working out back then)

Lucky for us, the fashion world rapidly learned that working out in skirts was in NOBODY's best interest. So by 1901, the split skirt/bloomer look was apparently taking the workout world by storm... er... at least by small squall. 

This yoga/zumba class rocked it. They even had zumba in 1901. WHO KNEW? 
Skip a few years, and then eventually, along came the 60's... And with great color pallets (not,) great yoga fashion. Sort of...

This lovely 60's glam yoga shot was a magazine cover. 

The 70's were equally amazing.. because two of the greatest  styles ever invented entered the yoga world. They were.. the UNITARD (really? how did the name not keep people from falling for this trend all by itself?) Another yoga magazine glam image for this one... apparently the Savasana  was the hottest move that year. 

And even better... the Yoga Diaper.

Don't be jealous folks! Apparently in some circles that style lasted, and you can get your own pair here

 Also not listed but never forgotten.. the Jane Fonda years. Ah that look. Leotards over tights... even as a small child I knew it was wrong! Thank goodness that by the time I fell in love with Yoga, the fashion had finally settled into something a lot more like it is today...

 Its true that the styles and colors rocking todays yoga circles are bold... some may even say crazy! But to recap... These Uniquely Yoga leggings are: 
A.) Not underwear!
B.) Not a dress!
C.) Not a diaper!
D.) Do not have the word "tard" in them anywhere!

Really, I think that settles it for me, and that is why i'm so glad that I live NOW and not THEN!



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