So i took a Hot Yoga class...

To be fair, the name DOES warn you. So I did not go into this class expecting roses and sunshine. But I guess I expected it to be more like a hard core, noisy, sweaty workout class. I was right about the sweaty part, and not much else. When I first walked in, I was greeted by a "silence past this point" sign. Well my mouth obeyed, but in my head it sounded something like this...

"it's so quiet in here."

"The teacher isn't even in here, and people are already gathering blocks and straps. How does everybody already know what to do?"

"It's not THAT hot. Really this is quite nice. and relaxing!" 

"Oh great. my mat is squeaky. And it stretches. And also apparently slides." Holding downward dog... squeaking my way to an accidental plank. Reset. Back up to downward dog. Why is this mat so LOUD? 

"Up to crescent pose. Whew. ok now its getting warm."

"Ok I swear she's turning the heat up 5 degrees every 10 minutes now" 

"Chair pose again? Seriously. Please stop with the chair poses"

"ahh... finally Savasana. This almost makes up for all of those naps that I regret not taking as a child."

"Unfortunately this is not that relaxing. In fact, this is the worst thing ever. I am literally stewing in a puddle of my own sweat. I'm never coming back aga.... "

My thoughts were interrupted by the shock of a cool wet towel being placed on my forehead. I'm pretty sure it had magical mind erasing properties because it felt SO amazing after that workout that all I could think was 

"This is the best thing ever. I don't know if I have ever felt this relaxed in my entire life. I have to do this again. asap!"


 Johanna Johnston -


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I loved going to the hot yoga class with you this week… it challenged me so much and to get that cool aroma therapy towel at the end was simply a slice of heaven that no cheesecake could ever compete with!

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