The top 5 Reasons that every Yogi should take a Barre class at least once!

Today I managed to drag my butt out of bed early for once, and make my way downtown to a cute little studio called Lori Harris Fitness. I had heard good things about her Barre your Soul class, and today it was time to shake off the rust and try it for myself. 
Now i've been doing yoga consistently at least 3 times a week for the last 2 years, so I figured it couldn't be THAT hard right? I mean, i've heard people whining about sore muscles for days after they first try Barre, but I'm a yogi! I'm in shape! Right? Ha...

Well I survived the Barre class, lived to tell about it, and thought i should start with the top 5 reasons that all you fellow yogis need to try it too!

6. Barre will kick your butt! And possibly take you down a notch or two. I know that once we Yogis can do some form of one handed handstand/scorpion/split/whachamacallit pose, we think we might possibly be the best athletes that ever lived. BUT, sometimes its good to get a little perspective. 

5. Your Barre instructor isn't worried about interrupting your chi. She will call it like it is. If you start wimping out on a pose, she isn't going to tell you "go to child's pose until you are ready to go on." Nope, if she is a good barre instructor like Lori Harris, she will just yell "hang tough, get those legs back up on the wall and finish that wall plank!" 

4. Sweat is good for you. So are quivering thighs and aching shoulders... Sometimes you can get so focused on relaxing in yoga that you forget that it is still supposed to be a form of exercise. But your heart needs a little cardio... And its a great way to test the manufacturers promise that your new leggings actually DO wick away sweat, and keep you smell free... 

3. Your vanity will go out the window. Instagram has created a world of Yogi's who identify themselves in the measure of a moment. That split second that we held that crazy pose while the photo was taken. Then we show the world that "hey, thats me! really! i'm that awesome 24-7!" And soon, that moment is how we see ourselves in our head. Barre class will plop you in front of a giant mirror next to 10 people who can do that move better than you and remind you that endurance matters, and oh, by the way, you don't look half as good as you thought you did while working out. 

2. Barre will give you a sense of accomplishment. Your legs might be quivering, and you sweated through your shirt, but heck, you DID IT! You woke up that morning and decided to try something new! And you survived! Now next time you are facing a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, like a wild animal, or a giant mountain, or a set of 50 squats... well now you know, you will survive that too!

1. Barre comes from ballet. And have you EVER seen an out of shape Ballerina? Nuff said.  


For more laughs, and awesome thoughts on Barre class, visit this blog

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