A few years ago, I would have made fun of people who did yoga. Today, much has changed, and now I am that person who annoys their friends by stopping to do yoga everywhere. Acro yoga, SUP yoga, Beach Yoga, Hot yoga... I have always been active and fit, but to me, yoga was just "stretching." And stretching was a thing that I only managed to do occasionally before a hard workout. So now, people ask me, "what happened? Why yoga?" 

Well, some may tell you that it is a "low impact form of exercise that reduces the chance of injuries." I think in many cases, those people would be wrong. When you are doing yoga poses where you can practically comb your hair with your toes... the risk of injury is somewhere in the stratosphere. Just ask anyone who has gotten themselves stuck while trying something new...

So, you ask again, if its not to avoid injury, then why yoga?
Some may say it is a much more relaxing and easy form of exercise,  for those less inclined to sweating buckets while attempting to stay thin. But don't be fooled. If you yoga right.. sweat happens! (if you buy the right kind of leggings, you can at least avoid the unsightly sweat stains in public though... like these here made with breathable sweat wicking fabrics)

But we still haven't answered the question.. WHY YOGA? 
Well, for me, it is the ability to set visible goals, and know exactly when you reach them. Setting a goal is as easy as finding a photo online that makes you say "woah! I want to DO that someday!" And just like that... mental goal set. Not to mention that progress photos make excellent fodder for Instagram. And who doesn't love that??

Other reasons why i now love yoga?  Because it's AWESOME. Duh. No need to say more. 
So tell me why do YOU love yoga? 




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