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When it comes to learning new skills or trying fun activities, I have a somewhat unique problem... I want to do ALL THE THINGS. I find it very hard to limit myself to just one of my favorite activities. When I discovered and fell in love with yoga, I was already into lots of other amazing things, like Horseback riding, Motorcycles, Dancing, Gymnastics, Swimming (or anything involving the beach or water)... etc. And I don't think that wanting to perfect your yoga practice means that you have to give all those up. So for the love of doing ALL THE THINGS, I present people combining some of my favorites!

Featuring the lovely Kino MacGregor in Yoga and Cowboy boots.. No, she's not actually riding the horse.. but I just love the boots anyhow :)

If you do choose to add a horse to your yoga/gymnastics practice, they call that Vaulting (full video here). Check out that great 3 legged dog! 


Motorcycles and Yoga? Nobody does that right? Wrong!!
Presenting the lovely Mora. 

And then there is This guy taking things to the next level. I do NOT recommend trying this at home. 

Combining yoga with Gymnastics = my all time favorite style. Acro Yoga. And nobody does Acro better than Honza & Claudine Lafond, of YogaBeyond. They were my first acro love. Here is the video that I was shown 2 years ago. The one that started it all! My boyfriend and I are still working on this pose. We're close... but not quite there yet :) You can check out more of their inspiring images at their own site...

 Another fun yoga invention is the SUP yoga board. You mean they found a way to mix yoga with water?? Bring it on! The first time we tried this, we got a little too ambitious and decided to combine SUP Yoga with Acro Yoga... Which resulted in a hearty dunking in the river, and lots of laughter. Worth it :) This girl looks like she has it down though. 

No matter what your favorite things are... you can be sure someone has combined them with yoga at some point :) 
If you are feeling brave and want to try some of this for yourself, come on out and try SUP yoga this weekend in St. Joseph Michigan! You can sign up for classes here.



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